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What an unlucky day for me last October 25,2014 (Saturday) 🙁 I was using my computer then suddenly my PC shutdown…:( My old motherboard was an Asrock Z68 Extreme3Gen3(Yeah I know its kinda old but it was still working for more than 2 years until today…) so I did basic troubleshooting with my PC testing my PSU, reseated all power connectors to the motherboard but still no luck…I was thinking maybe my PSU is already did (I hope not…its barely used almost a year) so I was looking for an extra PSU good thing I found one…It’s generic but better than nothing lol. So I plugged in the generic PSU and boom still the PC won’t turn on..Then I tried to make sure the PSUs were not the problem. So I shorted the PSUs and they were absolutely fine and working…so I was thinking maybe the motherboard is dead…:( but then I was not so sure then I googled for possible symptoms of a dead motherboard. I found out that when the LAN cable is connected on the motherboard even if its not turned on it must blinking red and green. So I checked the LAN port but it was not so I decided my motherboard is finally dead. Then I bought a new one! (not brand new because I have no more budget for expensive motherboards although I was hoping to get an Asus Z77 Sabertooth but the seller was not responding so I had no choice…) It’s here! The Asrock Z77 Extreme4 its pretty awesome indeed! Better than my old motherboard….It has a total of 8 SATA ports. 4 6Gb/s SATA 3 ports and 2 SATA 2.0 ports. Neat! If you want to more about the motherboard. You can visit at Asrock’s official site here I love Asrock its one of the most affordable high end motherboards out there! 🙂 Ciao!

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